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Adjectives for Halloween

photoThis is an activity to work on expanding phrases and sentences by using adjectives to describe Halloween vocabulary. This can be done with both small and large groups and also works in individual therapy.

I drew several Halloween pictures shown to the left. I showed the children each pictures one at a time. I said “This is a ______.” For example, “This is a witch.” Have the children repeat the sentence after you all together.  Then I said something like, “Let’s make is better.” I gave the children a choice to help them pick an adjective to describe the picture. For example, “Is she a nice witch or a nasty witch?” “Is it a sad jack o’lantern or a happy jack o’lantern?” Once the children chose the correct adjective, we said the longer sentence all together, “This is a nasty witch.” “This is a happy jack o’lantern.” etc.  Last I glued the picture onto the poster paper and wrote the sentence underneath the picture.  The picture can be hung in the classroom or your therapy room.

Some of the more advanced children were able to add two adjectives.

Here are the descriptions I have used in the past:

Spooky ghost

Spooky floating ghost

Scary monster

Nasty witch

Mean nasty witch

Full moon

Full yellow moon

Bright moon

Interesting costume

Delicious candy

Hairy monster

Excited trick or treaters

Creaky haunted house

Happy jack o lantern

Black cat

Moaning mummy

Hooting owl

Squeaking bat

Black bat

Glowing jack o lantern

Creepy spider

Rattling skeleton

Hissing cat

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About Miss Dana's Games

I created this blog because I miss being a practicing clinician. Currently I am a Ph.D. student in Communication Sciences and Disorders. I have over 14 years experience working with children with speech and language disorders. I believe some of the best therapy can be done within the classroom, within small and large groups, and is meaningful because it is based on what the teacher is doing in the classroom. Here I hope to share many therapy ideas that are based on common classroom themes and can be done with small and large groups. If you are looking for more of an idea, check the tags at the bottom of the post as well as the search function. Comments and questions are welcome but I will delete anything rude or spammy.

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